Thibault Deconinck

Thibault Deconinck, a former tree pruner from south-eastern France (Alpes-Maritimes), obtained his license in March 2017 at the Passport Hélico flight school located in Mascouche. Currently, he is a flight instructor with our team since March 2019.

Thibault Deconinck

Graduate 2017

Good morning all,

I have always dreamed of height and more particularly of flying. But for me, becoming a pilot had always seemed so out of reach. And why become a helicopter pilot? Having worked in the forest industry and having participated in several helicopter skidding jobs, I thought it was time to get a little more height and go from the treetops to the pilot’s seat. After researching the profession of a helicopter pilot, I came across several flight schools that offered pilot training in Quebec. I then took a plane ticket to Canada to visit the different schools. My choice fell on Passport Hélico … I met a team of enthusiasts there, there was a warm and family atmosphere.

It has now been a little over 3 years since the pilot adventure began. I started my training in September 2016 and after several months of training, I obtained my commercial pilot license in March 2017. Even with a diploma in hand, it is not easy to find a first job when you have zero experience. But luckily I made the right choice because at Passport Hélico, once I have been fired, the adventure does not end there! Having obtained my license, I continued the second part of my training (advanced training) to obtain my PPC (professional pilot skills). After a month of training, I had passed my first PPC in early May.

I was then hired as a young pilot for the 2017 season. I made my first commercial flights, doing city tours as well as festivals in the Montreal area. Then, from the beginning of July, I was sent on my first pilot contract in Percé where I did tourist tours until the end of the summer. When I returned from my contract, the chief instructor offered me the possibility of being a ground instructor for the September 2017 session. After a little reflection, I accepted the position and since that day my career development in the world of the chopper is just moving forward. From September 2018, in parallel with my position as a ground instructor, I will begin my flight instructor training. And at the beginning of March 2019, I obtain my Class IV Flight Instructor License which now allows me to become an RH22, RH44, R66 flight instructor within the school. In the summer of 2019, I get my AS350 (Ecureuil) qualification, which allows me to do some ferries and my first commercial flights on this type of aircraft.

Today after a few AS350 contracts and my experience as a flight instructor, I started flying for SOPFEU and on the TVA news newscopter as a second pilot. I have totaled over 1,500 hours of flight time, a Class III instructor’s license and four type ratings.

I made the right choice by doing my training at Passport Hélico. Passport Hélico’s career program is built on very solid foundations which has allowed me to tackle everything and get to where I am today in my racing career. The adventure continues and I still have some nice surprises in store for me.

Good flight everyone and see you soon in the air.

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