Nicolas Canard

Nicolas Canard, originally from Limousin, made his dream come true and obtained his license at the Passeport Hélico flight school a few years ago.

Nicolas is now a flight instructor and professional pilot at Passport Hélico.

Nicolas Canard

Graduate 2015


In March 2015, I started my training at Passport Hélico and obtained my CPL license at the end of July 2015. My training was fairly quick because I already had a European PPL license in my pocket. So I had to do a license conversion that included 60 flight hours. As soon as I obtained my CPL, the chief instructor of Passport Hélico offered me the opportunity to become a ground instructor for the next session. I accepted with pleasure and since my evolution within the company and in the helicopter world hasn’t stop progressing.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to become a flight instructor on RH22 and RH44. At the same time, I obtained the AS350 qualification (Astar). After accumulating a certain number of hours on type, the commercial section of Passport Hélico offered me the opportunity to leave on a SOPFEU contract (fight against forest fires) for the summer season 2019 (April to September 2019), being based in Maniwaki. Since then, I have also been a secondary pilot for contracts like the Newscopter.

I am now back in school to continue flight training. This experience also allowed me to become a flight instructor on the AS350.

Choosing Passport Hélico was a natural one at the start of my career and, so far, this choice has paid off because it allowed me to know different aspects of the helicopter pilot profession. And this is only the beginning ?.

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