Marc-Antoine Bolduc

Passport Helico team presents the journey of Marc-Antoine, a young man from Sherbrooke who obtained his license in March 2014 at the Passport Helico flight school located in Mascouche QC.

Marc-Antoine was kind enough to share with us the story of his journey that led him to the Canadian Far North. Good reading!

Marc-Antoine Bolduc

Graduate 2014

Originally from Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships, I chose Passport Hélico to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional helicopter pilot. After several months of intensive training and with the good supervision offered by Passport Hélico, I passed the Transport Canada flight test with flying colors. In addition to receiving excellent training at Passport Hélico, their Pro Access Career program allowed me to launch my career as a helicopter pilot.

As soon as I finished my training in May 2014, I obtained my first contract for the summer with a Passport Hélico partner in Ottawa. I fly a Robinson R44 and do sightseeing tours in the Ottawa area.

Once this contract was finished, I continued as a pilot for a private helicopter owner in Sorel-Tracy. In parallel, I also carried out commercial flights for Passport Hélico.
Then, for two and a half years (2015 to 2017), I worked for Passport Hélico as a commercial pilot and ground employee (gopher).

It was in March 2017 that I was hired by the company Canadian Hélicopters  as a pilot for their base in northern Quebec. They trained me on Astar devices (AS350 known as squirrel in Europe), devices that I have been piloting ever since. I currently live in northern Quebec where I have the chance to work on many contracts of all kinds … extraordinary experiences. To date (November 2019), I have accumulated more than 1,800 flight hours. In my opinion, what it takes to break into this environment is persistence, determination and passion.

I wish the students and future students of Passport Hélico, good luck in your training and the best of luck for the rest of your career.

Marc-Antoine Bolduc

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