Jérôme Trécu

Jérome Trécu obtained his Canadian commercial pilot’s license at Passport Hélico’s flight school.

Jérôme Trécu

Graduate 2004

Good morning all.

My name is Jérôme TRÉCU, another Frenchman and more precisely: a Breton.
Passionate about aviation for as long as I can remember, it was after a stint at the Paris Fire Brigade and Air Firefighter that my career choice naturally turned towards helicopter and more particularly on the Canadian side.

It was in 2004 that I had the chance to start my professional pilot training at Passport Hélico, then located in Beloeil. Once my license in my pocket, I returned to France to convert my license and be able to fly in my country. Once the theoretical certificates validated as a free candidate (under the old version of the CPL) and 15 hours of Alouette 2 on the notebook, I am ready for the job search in France which, luckily, was done relatively quickly in the agricultural sector as a qualified follower on Bell 47, which allows for set-ups and a few other flights on demand. I then consider myself lucky and wish it would last!

I worked there for two seasons then Passport Hélico asked me at the beginning of 2008 to join this beautiful family again as ground and then flight instructor with a part of commercial flights as beautiful as they were varied. I had the chance to share three wonderful years in the Passport family and to work with great colleagues and students, both private and professional (with whom I am still in contact in France).
At the beginning of 2011, once qualified AS 350 Écureuil (ASTAR), I left Passport for an African adventure (Democratic Republic of Congo) for a great experience in the bush, being able to count only on myself once in flight far from any organism flight safety and control.
Then at the start of 2012, I suddenly fell ill and returned to France for rapid treatment, at the same time losing my class 1 medical … Difficult test but, luckily, things did not stop there. Time often doing things well and the wonderful world of the helicopter being small and full of good people, I had the chance to join the French school of Héli Union Training Center in Angoulême where I learned the theoretical modules from CPL to ATPL / IR, which I teach now.

Looking at my aeronautical journey of which I am proud, I always keep in mind that the base and therefore the main thing, it is with the Passport Hélico team that I learned it!

Enjoy the flights everyone !!

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