Jérémy Valla

Jérémy Valla, originally from the south of France, obtained his license in 2015 at the Passport Hélico flight school located in Mascouche.

Jérémy Valla

Graduate 2015


My name is Jérémy Valla, I am 27 years old from the south of France. I came to settle in Quebec at the beginning of September 2015 to follow a training course to obtain the CPL H license in the company Passeport Hélico, training accessible to all! I had a BAC pro. I chose this company because I had heard from a former pilot that they were hiring lots of graduates.

This training is complete, feasible in a few months. In addition, it is taught by very good professionals who pushes us to surpass ourselves even when we have reached the sufficient level for the flight test and to make sure that we are as operational as possible so that we can fly commercially. I don’t regret my choice of school.

Once my license obtained, I was selected to follow the PPC training, so I was officially part of the Passport Hélico team. That’s was my dream and it was finally realized, I was a commercial pilot!

Once hired, I carried out tourist flights over the city of Montreal, Mirabel, St Sauveur etc.…, photo / video flights for professionals, I was able to take a groom to his wedding ceremony, students at their end-of-year balls and also tourist flights at air shows, rodeo festivals and car dealerships.

I was lucky to have Percé’s contract in the Gaspé region. During this 2 month contract, we were two pilots with almost the same number of hours. This allowed me to considerably increase my flying hours, to see magnificent landscapes, to take off every day facing the ocean and above all to see clients with a smile. In addition, I made the trip from Percé to Mascouche by helicopter lasting approximately 5 hours, so I flew over Quebec from east to west, an unforgettable experience.

What I really appreciated at Passport Helico is being able to be autonomous, from the preparation of the helicopter to the decision to maintain or cancel the flight depending on the weather but also their family spirit.
I wish everyone a great adventure, and I would like to thank the entire Passport Hélico team again for having given me their full confidence.

Jérémy Valla

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