Florian Bousigon

Florian Bousigon, originally from southwestern France (Gers), obtained his license in March 2010 at Passport Hélico flight school.

Florian Bousigon

Graduate 2010


My name is Florian Bousigon and I am from the South West of France (Gers).

Following a 5-year engagement in the French army as an avionics technician, I decided to switch to the pilot side.
Accompanied by my wife, we arrived in September 2009 to make a childhood dream come true, that of becoming a Helicopter Pilot!

After an apprenticeship of several months, I was retained among the pilots who would make flights for the company during the summer, in Robinson 44.

Finally after several flights of all types, I am seconded to an owner (where I join a colleague) where I accumulated my flight hours. It was an interesting human experience and moreover we are always in contact.

In May 2011 a theoretical instructor position was offered to me at Passport and I accept it with the aim of becoming a flight instructor in a second phase but which will never be done because, in April 2011, one of my friends from the graduating year that I met during my professional training, informs me of a possible recruitment within the company Héli Boréal.
I have an interview and I am selected by the chief pilot.
In addition to passing the turbine qualification, I start to work in the ‘’ wood ’’ !!!

The following season, I redid a contract of several months with Passport Hélico but this time for logistical support for Hydro Quebec with specific ambulance and water drop, on squirrel (ASTAR).

At the end of 2013, we decide with my wife and our 2 boys born in Canada to return to live in France.
After a conversion of license Canada / Europe, which lasted almost a year, I worked during 2 summers for the company Azur Hélicoptère transporting passengers and in winter at Corail Hélicoptère on Reunion Island for baptisms on the discovery of the island.

This summer (2017 season), I have a contract with the Corsica helicopter company for passenger transport in Corsica, Italy, Sardinia and France.
This very special job will allow you to discover the world if you wish, and to have a multitude of experiences.
You will learn from others and from yourself.
The most complicated thing is to climb the first hours of flights!
Then you have to be in the right place at the right time, and meet the companies.

Good luck to those who get started in this business and see you soon in the sky!

Florian Bousigon.

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