Christophe Chiffre

Christophe Chiffre obtained his professional pilot’s license at the Passport Hélico flight school located in Mascouche.

Christophe Chiffre

Graduate 2017


This is a page from the beginning of my helicopter pilot life, by passing my flight test.

Commercial helicopter pilot training is not an easy task and the beginnings are quite difficult. The hard part is to find a school that can support us throughout our journey by providing us with the necessary foundations to be a good pilot.

I had the chance to do my course at Passport Hélico in Mascouche, where I was able to integrate a young and dynamic team that shares its passion with its students.

This year’s promotion was really great. What good memories and this is just the beginning! Another important step in my early career was the passage of my PPC, last May.

Also, I would like to thank the entire Passport team and, in particular, Stéphane Grenier, Chief Instructor at Passport Hélico as well as Nicolas Canard, Ground Instructor, who were my instructors, not to mention the staff and the mechanics.
Thank you so much,

Christophe Chiffre

Thank you and congratulations to Christophe and everyone, we wish him well.

It should be noted that Christophe finished last June his commercial helicopter pilot course, as well as his PPC and this is what allowed him to obtain a work placement at the controls of an aircraft Robinson R44. Christophe spent the summer at Percé. Percé is a small municipality located at the eastern end of the province of Quebec, in the Gaspé Peninsula.
For his first contract, Christophe allows people to fly over this region by helicopter. It allows them to admire the magical settings of the Gaspé, by the sea. It also allows them to live a breathtaking experience, either be by oneself or with family.

Thus, following the success of his professional training and his PPC, Christophe, like many other graduates, was offered this flight hours accumulation course. Passport Hélico offers different contracts in Quebec and Ontario as part of its Pro Access Career program. These are unique internships, perfectly suited to the needs of the market. Passport Hélico is very proud of its results, which bear witness to the remarkable work of its competent and dynamic teachers and employees.

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