Benoît Fogliani

Benoît Fogliani, originally from New Caledonia, obtained his Canadian commercial pilot license at the Passport Hélico flight school.

He now works as a professional helicopter pilot in his home country.



Graduate 2013

Good morning all,

My name is FOGLIANI, Benoit. I am a young French native of NEW CALEDONIA. An country overseas.

I was 13 years old at the time, my family and I were passing through Australia when I fell in love with helicopters after I made my first flight aboard a rotary wing aircraft. It was after this flight that I knew I wanted to be a pilot.

Years passed and it was only around the age of thirty that I finally began my flights and training in order to obtain my French private pilot license. It was happening in my country, in New Caledonia. During this period, I was able to accumulate more than 200 hours of flight as a private pilot.

I realized my dream. The following lead me to realize my teenager dream and to fulfill what was only a dream in a reality.

So I decided to find out about the Internet in the various Canadian flight schools so that I could fulfill my childhood dream to make it my job.

Why in Canada? I was told that the flight schools that were located in Canada had a very good and very high level of flying. After some research on the web, I quickly turned to the company Passport Hélico because I was able to appreciate there from the beginning of my first contact, the professionalism of the people of this company.

In addition, regarding courses and employment, Passport offered different opportunities in their career programs.

On the way to Canada. My decision made, I took a plane ticket and – went to Canada – and that was the best decision of my life.

Mascouche, QC. Passport quickly became a second family. People more than professionals who have given me extraordinary steering precision. These people have also brought me many things which, even today, give me great appreciation for the rest of my journey; a course, which was really not easy.

The world is Mine. After more than a year spent in Mascouche, I decided to leave this city and this adopted country to explore new horizons. So I went to Europe, to France, to get my European professional license and I also take the opportunity to do an instructor internship.

I’m back home! Subsequently, I returned to my own country, where I was offered a pilot position in the same company where I started my first flights at the age of thirty in order to obtain my license. private pilot.

I am currently flying 1000 hours on a Robinson RH44 aircraft and, over time, have acquired several qualifications on turbine-powered aircraft with positions of responsibility.

My training at Passport Hélico was the second step in my pilot career and it was a great adventure. Even though I am several thousand kilometers from Canada, and from Passport, I always keep in touch with these people. I am proud to have passed through this training school which brought me my current professionalism. At Passport, I discovered beautiful things and beautiful people.

In 2017. Currently, I bring my experience to other pilots of my company on Robinson RH44 aircraft and this, on everything I have acquired from Passport.

I highly recommend this training school to anyone who dreams of being a pilot in Canada or who dreams of being a pilot in any other country in the world.

Good flight to future pilots >>


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