Benjamin Puglia

Benjamin Puglia, originally from Nice in France, obtained his license in spring 2019 at Passport Hélico flight school.

Benjamin Puglia

Graduate 2019

Hi, I arrived in Montreal in 2018 with a French helicopter pilot license to pass my CPL-H conversion.

To make this conversion, I chose Passport Hélico. The fact that Passport Hélico offers the possibility of flight hours accumulation course was decisive for me. This very complete training lasted 9 months in total.

As of June 2019, following my training, I had my first contract lasting two and a half months in the Gaspé Peninsula. In addition to having had a superb experience, this contract allowed me to increase my flying hours. I have accumulated more than 100 hours of flight there during this period. This experience is an excellent springboard for a young commercial pilot.

Today, I continue to fly for Passport Hélico as a commercial pilot.

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