Anthony Marcy

Anthony Marcy obtained his license in March 2018 at the Passport Hélico flight school located in Mascouche. Currently, he is a commercial pilot with the Héli-Tremblant company.

Anthony Marcy

Graduate 2018

Good morning all,

Here is the testimony of my early career as a helicopter pilot. A route that was offered to me by Passport Hélico, a complete company for its school and its operational contracts.

Summary presentation: my name is Anthony, I am 31 years old and come from Marseille in France. It would be wrong to describe myself as a helicopter enthusiast from a young age. This attraction of piloting appeared in my twenties. It was a fresh start and I confirm that for anyone looking to “go further” being a helicopter pilot will be motivating.

After a theoretical and in flight training which challenges us, I obtained my professional license in spring 2018. So far, there has been an enriching journey, started in Percé in Gaspésie by a tourist contract on an RH44 . The (superb) autonomous working environment, like flying every day, allows significant progress. This contract, in a team of 2 pilots and 2 people on the ground, will remain a beautiful memory!

The second step was to benefit from the contacts of Passport Hélico, and to be hired by a partner company based in Mont-Tremblant, Héli-Tremblant. Still on RH44s, this contract makes it possible to improve your level of piloting, through various flights and in mountainous terrain. A complete playground, with a small but experienced company, which takes me to be a competent pilot and ready for future adventures.

During this route, I flew 1000h by helicopter on a regular basis. I am annotated on RH22, R44, R66 and qualified at night. All this thanks to having chosen Passport Hélico as a flight school. Thanks to the whole team!

To all future students and my pilot colleagues, see you soon in the sky and have fun (seriously) ??


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