Specialized training

This program is designed especially for Commercial Pilots wishing to broaden their skills to be able to face the worst flying conditions and to undertake complex missions and specialized aerial work.



As a member of the Association Québécoise du Transport Aérien (AQTA), Passport Helico is accredited to give AQTA’s Specialized Training Program.

Specialized Training Details

  • 8 hours of ground school
  • 13 hours of flight training on R44 or EC30

*Minimum hours required by AQTA. Number of hours may be greater, depending on student’s needs in order to qualify for Specialized Training Program.

Training session content

Low-visibility flying, loss of bearings, whiteouts

Risk management and decision making

Work around and under electric lines

Work with short and long sling

Managing flying at MGW

Use of temporary helicopter pad

Specific Hydro-Quebec aerial work (electric line patrols and other)

Admission Requirements

  • Hold a valid Canadian Commercial Helicopter Pilot License
  • Hold a category 1 medical certificate
  • Qualified as pilot for R44 or EC30
  • Have 250 hours as PIC


Are you aware of medical requirements, registration process, recognition of licenses or flight hours?


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