Aerial Work

Several companies use Passport Helico’s services to carry out various missions. Whether transporting loads with slings, working in hard-to-reach places or any other specialized work, you can count on the quality of the aircraft and the professionalism of our pilots.

Type of Flights


SOPFEU operations

The SOPFEU’s mission is to provide the very best forest fire protection so as to ensure the sustainability of forest areas at the lowest possible cost. Given the importance of natural resources and their economic impact, the SOPFEU plays a leading role for the benefit of the entire community.

Hélicoptère TVA Nouvelles


Passport Helico is the proud operator of the TVA NOUVELLES helicopter. It is the only ENG helicopter in Quebec. It allows to get a rapid access and a unique point of view of the different events to the viewers.

Hydro Québec

Hydro-Québec Flights

We have been working for many years with Hydro-Quebec, the government corporation  responsable of transmission and distribution of electricity in Quebec. Whether it is for construction of new hydroelectric dam, inspection or repair of power lines, control of vegetation, medical evacuation or other, we are one of their partners of first choice.

Travail aérien Hydro Québec
GDG Environnement


Our Canadian summers are already short to start with, why deal with the annoyance caused by mosquitoes and black flies? At GDG, our priority is to reduce the presence of these insects in an ecologically friendly way providing you peace of mind

Peace of mind

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