IFR rating

Passport Helico provides you with a RH44 “Glass cockpit” and a DEV (approved flight simulator) to perform your initial instrument flight rating or simply renew your qualification.


  • Current and valid Canadian commercial helicopter license
  • 50 cross-country flight hours as a pilot-in-command including 10 hours on helicopter
  • RH44 endorsement


The IFR flight test is performed on RH44 and the candidate is considered as the pilot-in-command. It is therefore mandatory to have the RH44 endorsement.


Instrument flight time made during your commercial pilot course will be taken into account.

Initial IFR

Total 42 hours
  • 20 flight hours on RH44
  • 20 sim hours
  • 80 hours of ground school
  • 2 flight test hours

RH44 endorsement

Total 5 hours
  • 5* flight hours
  • 8* hours of ground school