Our School

A dynamic, captivating and stimulating study and practice experience

Our School

A dynamic, captivating and stimulating study and practice experience

Over the years, we have trained thousands of students from various countries.

Becoming a pilot at Passport Hélico means benefiting from a solid experience built up since 1989.

Recognized by the ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur

The largest helicopter flight training unit (UFP) in Canada
Canadian leader in the teaching of helicopter piloting.
Exclusive Pro Access Career placement program
A privileged atmosphere where good humor and professionalism mix

Distinctive advantages

5 reasons why choosing Passport Helico will assure you of the best possible training experience.

Unique expertise

Passport Hélico is entirely dedicated to the helicopter. With us, all our facilities are fitted out and used only for activities related to the helicopter: piloting instruction, piloting, aircraft maintenance, etc.

Small groups

Passport Hélico limits to just 10 the number of students it accepts each year in its commercial pilot license programs in order to ensure that each one receives personalized and attentive education of the highest level.

Convivial settings

A warm welcome, cordial relationships and human values are at the heart of Passport Hélico’s teaching approach.

Highest safety standards

Passport Hélico does not compromise on safety. In fact, the company has its own maintenance department so that its helicopters are always efficient and safe.

Post training placement

Passport Hélico is the only flight school in Quebec that offers its graduates, upon obtaining their license, so many opportunities to accumulate flight hours by offering them professional mandates.

Your instructors team

We are proud to train generations of helicopter pilots and to be able to support and accompany them during the first years of their new careers.

Become a Pilot

Over the years, the know-how and professionalism of the pilots trained at Passport Hélico have echoed throughout the industry, which today has earned the company an envied international reputation which has led it to train thousands pilots from all corners of the globe.

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