Pro Access Career program

Pro Access Career program

We offer our commercial graduates the opportunity to take part in a paid internship in order to help them build up their flight time. Our various contracts provide between 100 and 150 hours as Pilot in Command.

Pro Access Career Details

Annually, six to eight graduates of the course will be given the opportunity to acquire their first paid pilot job experience. The candidates are selected in March and will sign a work contract with Passport Helico from which they could accumulate up to 150 hours of professional flight time. This opportunity opens the doors to the industry.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Hold a Professional Pilot License (CPL) program
  • Successful completion of the Advance Training exclusif at Passport Helico
  • Hold a category 1 medical certificate
  • Hold a student visa or have permanent resident status (applicable to foreign students)
  • Step 2 - Advanced Training

    The Advanced Training program consists of 80 hours of ground school and 5 hours of flight training on RH44. The course is based on real life scenarios aimed at developing operational skills for helicopter flight.

  • Step 3 - Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC)

    Selected candidates must successfully complete Transport Canada’s flight test to qualify for the paid internship. This test is divided in two sections:
    • 2 hours of additional flight training on RH44
    • 1 hour flight test from a Transport Canada accredited examiner

  • Step 4 - Commercial Pilot Paid Internship

    Following the successful completion of steps 1 and 2, the selected candidates will begin their internship with Passport Helico. Contracts carried out outside of the metropolitan region of Montreal includes accommodation.

    • Duration of the contract: From four to six months on average

    • Pilot in Command flight time acquired: 100 to 150 hours on RH44


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