Private pilot license

For the pleasure of flying

Private pilot license

For the pleasure of flying

This program allows you to obtain a license to fly a helicopter for personal use, leisure or business travel.

Ground school

(at least 40 hours)

Canadian Aviation Regulations: Rules, regulations and edicts, flight traffic, good practices and procedures, and all requirements for obtaining a pilot license.

Navigation: Basic principles, radio and electronics, aids to navigation.

Meteorology: Theory of atmospheric phenomena and all measurement parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity.

Aeronautics: General principles, aerodynamics and flight mechanics, airframe, engines, circuits and systems, flight instrumentation, flight operations.

Human factors: Health condition, pilot decision-making and more.

Flight training

(at least 45 hours)

Training hours can be done on different helicopter types depending on the student’s preference. The amount of hours indicated may be greater depending on the specific needs of the candidate during the training process.

33 hours

Dual flight time

Including at least:

– 3 hours of cross-country flight;

– 5 hours of instrument flight, including a maximum of 3 hours on an approved flight simulator.

12 hours

Solo flight time


-5 hours of cross-country flying including a flight of at least 100 NM with 2 full-stop landings other than departure base.


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