Our Team

By training with us, you are guaranteed to receive a high quality training given by passionate in a stimulating environment.

Since our instructors are very experienced, you will benefit from it all during your training. Thus, you will be perfectly prepared for your flying career.

Our team is at your service and will do everything to make your stay with us a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Yves Le Roux

President / Director of operations

Mélissa Girard-Poirier

Executive Assistant

Édith Laliberté

Controller / Accounting

Paul Gélinas

College director

At Passport helicopter, all of our instructors have four things in common:

  • A strong passion for piloting;
  • recognized specific expertise;
  • an eloquent number of flying hours;
  • natural communication skills.

Passionate and motivated, they work hard every day to enrich you with their vast knowledge, to feed your passion for piloting and to guide you towards achieving your personal and professional goals.

Stéphan Grenier

Chief pilot and Chief instructor
Commercial Pilot

20 years of  expérience
Over 7000h of flight

Roger Provost

IFR Flight instructor

45 years of  expérience
Over 22 000h of flight and
800h of flight on helicopter

Nicolas Canard

Flight instructor
Commercial Pilot

7 years of  expérience
Over 3000h of flight

Lucas Guinet

Flight Instructor
Commercial Pilot

4 years of  expérience
Over 1500h of flight

Maxime Gérard

Flight instructor
Commercial Pilot

3 years of  expérience
Over 1100h of flight

Lucas Mussigmann

Flight instructor
Commercial Pilot

3 years of  expérience
Over 800h of flight

Antoine Lescure

Ground instructor
Commercial Pilot

1 year of  expérience
Over 350h of flight

Matthieu Bellecave

Ground instructor
Commercial Pilot

1 year of  expérience
Over 300h of flight

Michel Careau

Commercial Pilot

40 years of experience
Over 10 000h of flight

Alain Cloutier

Commercial Pilot
(Sopfeu & Hydro-Quebec)

15 years of experience
Over 5000h of flight

Benjamen Puglia

Commercial Pilot
(Sopfeu & GDG)

3 years of experience
Over 1000h of flight

Éric Ladouceur

Director of maintenance

Patrick Ferguson

Maintenance assistant

A team with an experience of more than 50,000 hours of flight time

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