Introductory course

One week initiation

Introductory course

One week initiation

This short initiation course is designed to put to the test your true passion for helicopter flying. You will get a sense of how our training approach works, and of the safe environment in which you will learn. You will also do some flying! This is where your ambition to embark on a new career can be truly ignited.

International students will be introduced to the local way of life and explore the learning environment that will be theirs for the length of the program.

Introductory Course details


  • Meet and greet with instructors and staff
  • Introduction to helicopter pilot work in Canada
  • Basic ground school
  • Share daily interactions with other students
  • 4 hours of helicopter flying with instructor and receipt of a flight certificate *
    These hours will be put towards your flight hours if you register in one of our training programs.
  • Guidance in the process of obtaining a study and immigration permit
  • Cost includes airport pickup,transportation and lodging from your arrival.
    Meals not included.

Admission Requirement

Minimum age: 18 (no experience required)


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