Information for International Students

Obligations under immigration laws

To study or work in Canada, and more specifically in Quebec, everyone from a foreign country must comply with the applicable immigration laws and regulations. Below are the main steps to follow and some additional information.

Passport Helico can provide help on these matters to students wishing to register for their training programs.


Proof of sufficient financial resources

Anyone who comes from another country to study in Canada must prove they have enough money to cover their expenses and to provide for their dependants for the whole duration of their stay. Not being able to show such proof could cause the rejection of your application.

Foreign students’ brochure

Passport Helico has published a brochure especially for foreign students. As well as detailing the legal process (license, visa, etc.), this brochure is full of other useful information: accommodation, food, climate, local lifestyles and everything you need to know for your training and stay in Quebec.


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