Instrument type rating (IFR)

Instrument type rating (IFR)

This training program enable pilots to qualify or renew their Instrument Flying Rules rating.


R44 equipped with a Garmin 750

The flight experience of each candidate is taken into account. We will take the time to carefully study your situation and adjust your training accordingly for a tailor-made training that will perfectly meet your needs.

Admission Requirements

  • Hold a valid Canadian Private or Commercial Helicopter License
  • Hold a valid medical certificate
  • Have at least 50 hours as PIC on cross-country flights either on an aircraft or helicopter (with a minimum of 10 hours on a helicopter)
  • Qualified as a R44 Pilot

Ground School

This training can be done at home for free by the pilot, or you can follow the 60 hours Passport Helico program in-class.

Written exam

The written exam for Instrument Rating includes the following topics:

• Canadian Aviation Regulations

• Instrument flight rules and procedures

• Meteorology

• Instruments

• Radio and radar systems

• Navigation

Flight training

The candidate must have accumulated 40 hours of instrument flight training time:

  • A maximum of 20 hours of flight training on a flight simulator
  • A minimum of 5 hours on helicopter with a flight instructor
  • A minimum of 15 hours of dual control instrument flight on an airplane or helicopter,
  • 2 hours flight exam

Pilot may choose to do 15 hours on a fixed-wing aircraft, which is less expensive than 20 hours on an RH44. However, Passport Helico does not offer fixed-wing aircraft flights. These hours must be done elsewhere.

IFR skills

Pass a flight test as pilot-in-command of a helicopter.

Basic IFR knowledge, 2 IFR approaches in compliance with the prescribed minimums, 1 waiting circuit, a short navigation, resolution of failures in simulated IFR flight conditions.


Are you aware of medical requirements, funding opportunities, the registration process or the recognition of licenses or flight hours?


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