General information for future helicopter pilots

We have put together some additional information for those who want to do helicopter pilot training.

Anyone wishing to become a helicopter pilot must first pass a medical exam by a doctor certified by Transport Canada. The exam is to ensure that the candidate is in good health and can undertake pilot training, and to ensure the safety of the crew, passengers and the general public.

Transport Canada has defined four types of medical exams, of which two apply to helicopter pilot trainees:
– Category 1 medical certificate to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
– Category 3 medical certificate to obtain a Private Pilot License (PPL)
For those wishing to register to become a helicopter pilot, it is mandatory to hold a valid medical certificate confirming that you are suited to follow such training.

Information about Transport Canada’s medical exams

Search tool for medical examiners certified by Transport Canada (Canada and abroad)


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    Obtain an appropriate medical certificate from a medical examiner certified by Transport Canada.

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    Request a personalized quote for the training program you wish to follow.

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    The cost of flight hours must then be paid before they are completed.

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    To confirm registration, candidate must sign the quotation and return it with the required deposit.

    Your deposit will guaranty the flight rates for 12 months.

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    Start of training


For Canadian citizens and foreign residents with a valid work visa, the cost of Commercial Pilot License training is non-taxable and is deductible from income tax. This credit is calculated based on your Federal and Provincial income tax brackets.

License recognition

Pilot licenses for helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft that are recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are also recognized in Canada. However, holders of these licenses must take the steps required by Transport Canada to convert them to Canadian Licenses. This conversion may be subject to the holder completing a training course at a Canadian Certified Flight Training Unit. Licenses not recognized by ICAO are not valid in Canada.

Canadian Helicopter Pilot Licenses are recognized by ICAO and in all countries member of that organization. However, most of these countries will require Canadian license holders to follow a training program or pass a flight and a written exam before converting their Canadian license into a local license.

Please note that in Canada you do not need to hold a Private Pilot License (PPL) in order to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Flight hour recognition

Flight hours done in a foreign country will be recognized in Canada if they were recorded in a pilot log book of an organization (private business, public or semi-public body, army or other) that is certified in the country in which they were flown. To have these hours recognized, you must visit Transport Canada with your pilot log book as soon as possible after arriving in Canada.


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