A passion to succeed

At Passport Helico, we are passionate about helicopter flying. We approach every day with contagious enthusiasm so as to offer not only outstanding expertise in helicopter flying instruction but also a setting that is both rigorous and congenial.

Established in 1989, Passport Helico is one of the largest flight training helicopter units in Canada. Our mission is first and foremost to train the best helicopter pilots possible. We go the extra mile to offer learning and flying experiences that are dynamic and stimulating, as well as pleasurable for you. Our approach is designed to act as a catalyst to your passion for flying and to propel you rapidly towards success. Over the years, we have trained hundreds of students from all countries.

Choosing Passport Helico for your helicopter pilot training means embarking on a journey toward professional excellence in the hands of a dedicated and experienced team. This team is fully invested in one goal, to help you take control of your future with confidence.

Yves Le Roux
Passport Helico

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