Fixed-wing Pilot License Conversion

Private Airplane to Private Helicopter license

Passport Helico offers a license conversion course that allows Canadian and foreign fixed-wing private pilots to complete their training to become a qualified helicopter private pilots in Canada.

Ground school

(at least 20 hours)

Air law – Regulations, practices and procedures, applicable requirements for the issuance of the license.

Aeronautics – Flight aerodynamics, airframes, engines, systems, flight instruments, flight operations.

Human factors – Health condition, pilot decision making, etc.

Flight training

(at least 30 hours)

Training hours can be done on different helicopter types depending on the student’s preference. The amount of hours indicated may increase depending on the specific needs of the candidate during the training process.

22 hours

Dual flight time

Including at least:

– 3 hours of cross-country flight;

5 hours of instrument flight

8 hours

Solo flight time

Including :

– 3 hours of cross-country flying including a flight of at least 100 NM with 2 full-stop landings other than departure base.


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