Conversion Private to Professional

If you have a Private Helicopter License PPL(H)

Conversion Private to Professional

If you have a Private Helicopter License PPL(H)


Theoretical Training

Flight laws: Rules regulations and edicts, flight traffic good practices and procedures, and all requirements to obtain a professional pilot license

Navigation: Basic principles, radio and electronics theory, aids to navigation

Meteorology: Theory of atmospheric phenomena (clouds, precipitation, wind, etc.) and all measurement parameters, such as pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.

Aeronautical: General principles, aerodynamics and flight mechanics, airframe, engines, circuits and systems, flight instrumentation, flight operations

Human factors: Health condition, pilot decision making, etc.

Practical training experience

(60 hours minimum)

Hours of training on helicopters can be done on different types of devices, depending on the student’s preference. The number of hours indicated may be higher depending on the specific needs of the candidate in the training process.

37 hours

Double command flight

37 hrs minimum dual flight with a certified flight instructor, including at least:

– 15 hours of improvement;

– 5 hours of cross-country flight;

– 5 h of instrument flight credited with instrument flight time acquired in the other category

23 hours

Solo Flight

23 hours minimum solo flight, including a cross-country flight to a destination at least 2 hours flight from the point of departure and which includes three landings made elsewhere than at the point of departure.

Admission criteria

• Applicant shall be a minimum of 18 years old of age

• Applicant shall hold a category 1 medical certificate

Thanks to your helicopter pilot license, you could carry out the paid activities below

Potential helicopter activities
  • Road traffic Journalism
  • Slinging Government services
  • Hydro-Quebec missions Aerial patrols of all kinds
  • Aerial photography Film or video productions
  • Mining Transporting people or merchandise
  • Forest fire protection (SOPFEU) Tourist sightseeing flights
  • Wildlife or forestry surveys

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Taking your course at Passport Hélico means benefiting from solid experience built up over many years.

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  • A program with several possible options depending on the student’s interests and career goals.


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