Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Work in the helicopter industry across Canada.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Work in the helicopter industry across Canada.

This program allows you to obtain a Commercial Pilot License which can be used to fly helicopters commercially. The training costs are eligible for an income tax credit for Canadian citizens.

Ground school

(100 hours)

Air laws: Rules regulations and edicts, flight traffic good practices and procedures, and all requirements to obtain a professional pilot license

Navigation: Basic principles, radio and electronics theory, aids to navigation

Meteorology: Theory of atmospheric phenomena and all measurement parameters, such as pressure, temperature and humidity.

Aeronautics: General principles, aerodynamics and flight mechanics, airframe, engines, circuits and systems, flight instrumentation, flight operations

Human factors: Health condition, pilot decision making and more.

Bonus of 20 hours of ground school

We offer 20 hours more than the required minimum by Transport Canada to provide our pilots with superior training, so they can stand out in the industry.

Flight training

(100 hours)

Hours of training on helicopters can be done on different types of devices, depending on the student’s preference. The number of hours indicated may be higher depending on the specific needs of the candidate in the training process.

65 hours

Dual flight time

Of which at least:

– 5 hours of cross-country flight;

– 10 hours of instrument flight, including a maximum of 5 hours on a helicopter simulator or any other approved training device .

35 hours

Solo Flight time

Minimum of 35 hours of solo flying, including a 2-hour minimum cross-country flight to a distant destination with at least 3 full landing-stops away from departure base.

Admission Requirements

• Be 18 years of age or older

• Hold a category 1 medical certificate

This license allows you to perform the following activities:

  • Journalistic coverage
  • Aerial Video and Photography
  • Crew move and Equipment delivery
  • Slinging
  • Hydro electricity missions
  • Mining prospecting
  • Forest fire protection
  • Wildlife or forestry surveys
  • Etc.

Why choose Passport Helico for your commercial pilot license?

Taking your course at Passport Hélico means benefiting from solid experience built up over many years.

  • Largest helicopter UFP in Canada
  • Exclusive Pro Access Career placement program to build your hours and get started in the industry
  • Experienced and attentive instructors
  • Perfectly maintained helicopters
  • A privileged atmosphere where good humor and professionalism mix
  • A program with several possible options depending on the student’s interests and career goals.
Licence de pilote professionnelle CPL(H) canadienne

This post-training phase allows you to accumulate between 100 and 150 hours of flight during the summer season. Graduates can benefit from a first contact with the reality of pilot work, thus providing them with a very exciting first experience.


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