Commercial Pilot License – ACS

For international students


Passport Helico is accredited by the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec and is able to offer training for a Professional Pilot License within the parameters of an “Attestation of Collegial Studies” (ACS).

Please note that ACS is only available in French.

International students must register with the ACS to obtain the Canadian commercial pilot license.

ACS Program

Our program is delivered over two semesters:

First semesters

280-101-PH Helicopter flight introduction
280-102-PH Aviation regulations and procedures
280-103-PH Design of a helicopter
280-104-PH Theory of Flight
280-105-PH Navigation
280-106-PH Meteorology

Second semesters

280-107-PH Elements of Survival
280-108-PH Intermediate helicopter flight
280-109-PH Commercial pilot helicopter operations

Applicants who meet the requirements for commercial contracts with Passport Helico must also successfully pass the Pilot Proficiency Check flight test (PPC).


Admission Requirements

• Be 18 years of age or older

• Have completed training deemed satisfactory

• Hold a category 1 medical certificate for obtaining a commercial pilot license

More information for international students

Why choose Passport Helico for your commercial pilot license?

Taking your course at Passport Hélico means benefiting from solid experience built up over many years.

  • Largest helicopter UFP in Canada
  • Exclusive Pro Access Career placement program to build your hours and get started in the industry
  • Experienced and attentive instructors
  • Perfectly maintained helicopters
  • A privileged atmosphere where good humor and professionalism mix
  • A program with several possible options depending on the student’s interests and career goals.

This post-training phase allows you to accumulate between 100 and 150 flight hours during the summer season. The graduating student can benefit from a first contact with the reality of pilot work, thus providing him with a very exciting first experience.


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