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Permanent immigration

The choice of the school is yours.  However, you must obtain the appropriate visa.

It’s simple: no work without a visa!  And this applies even to experienced pilots.  The permanent resident visa is essential if you are looking at staying permanently on the Canadian territory for work.

Once the decision to immigrate is taken, it is strongly recommended to immediately start the procedures to obtain that visa

However, please keep in mind that the formalities take on average a year to fulfill with a cost of about $1 000 per person.

You will find hereafter tips to help you in the process.

First off, evaluate your chances to be selected by the province of Quebec:

Then let yourself be guided by the following steps: “Make an official immigration request

Remember! Your immigration is to be taken as seriously as your flight training, and Passport Hélico will do its best to support you in your endeavor.

For more information: In North America: 1 888-810-5290


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